The Power Of I Am

Drew Heriot, James Twyamn, Hay House House Films, and others present this video on the power of I-AM. In this video, you can learn to use the most powerful words ever spoken!

I am that, I am is the code to harness this power. [Note the comma!] I am every that that there is.

This wonderful video breaks down the connection between God and man. Each one of us is an embodiment of God.

There are three keys to experience this embodiment of GOD.

Giving – that which we give to another we give to ourselves. The brain always thinks what you give to another person, you give to yourself. The Buddhists call this, generosity.

The Power of I-AM

Debbie Ford with her son, Beau Bressler and Rabbi Baruch Ezagui

Here is a wonderful example of giving. For Beau Bressler’s bar mitzvah, he gave all his money to build a school in Uganda.

Oneness – the principle of interbeing. This is the idea that we are all interconnected. We are all one in the embodiment of God.

With a spiritual practice, i. e., meditation, you go beyond the sensory realm and you enter into a field where you see not with eyesight, but with insight that everything is connected. (paraphrasing Michael Beckwith).

Destiny – uncovering your deepest yearning and your reason for living.

A Buddhist takes on the Bodhisattva vows to help everyone achieve freedom from suffering and achieve liberation. Zen Master Thich Hhat Hanh says that the Kingdom of God is nowhere else except right here, right now, in the present moment.

God is not in everything, everything is in God. We must serve one another, this is our purpose on the earth, that is our mission. How will you be of service? As human beings, we must support and uplift each other. When we give words of encouragement and support, we are actually supporting and encouraging ourselves. Be the good you want to see in the world.

There is a process to activate this energy every day. The process involves five steps triggered by the words, “I am that, I am.” What changes is what you focus on when you say those words.

The first step is to imagine what you want to be do or have and really make sure that it is something that really matters.

The second step is to repeat the word, “I am that, I am,” and allow yourself to expand into that new possibility.

The third step is to do what you are already doing – breathe, in a controlled manner so that you become centered, energized and amplified in the practice. Check out the “Mindfulness of Breathing” tab, below this page.

Are you ready to step into the Kingdom of God and invoke the power of I am?

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