4 Secrets to Staying Awake During Meditation

Are you falling asleep during your meditation? Do you feel like you’re missing out on the benefits? Are you frustrated that you can’t control your urge to doze off?

First, understand that everybody falls asleep during meditation (though not all will admit to it). And it’s okay! It’s really nothingOmharmonics to worry about. Your body obviously needs the rest. Allow it to be this way.

There are 4 secrets to staying awake during meditation. You can use these techniques with any Omharmonics meditation track:

  1. Posture: sit up straight and tall instead of lying down. With Omharmonics, it’s the technology that guides your mind into the alpha and theta levels of brain activity, so there’s no need to “try” to relax. It will happen on its own! The simplest trick to using your posture to stay awake is to make yourself ever so slightly uncomfortable. Yes, that sounds a bit counterintuitive but with a little experimenting, you’ll find that “sweet spot” where you have enough awareness of your body to keep gently nudging you to stay awake, yet relaxed enough to focus on your meditation. In fact, you can use mild physical discomfort as a point of focus to help you silence your mind!
  2. If you find yourself falling asleep practically every single time, you might try a walking meditation. In this meditation, you’ll be focused on the experience of walking – every nuance of the physical movement – as well as full awareness of the environment around you. It’s not a “from here to there” walk, it’s about being fully present. Walk slowly, feeling every single footfall from beginning to end; take note of all physical movements and sensations; notice the temperature, smells, sights and sounds around you. You can imagine that this is your very first time walking, and you’re absolutely fascinated with the whole experience.
  3. Use the most uplifting, energizing Omharmonics track for your meditation. This may be “Focus” or “The Spark” but choose the one that is most energizing for you, and use the soundtrack itself as a point of focus. This will keep your mind engaged and make it less likely to doze off.
  4. Meditate when you’re fresh. Finally, you might experiment with meditating at different times of the day. Choose a time when you feel fresh and have energy, but not an excess of energy that you would want to burn off. Also, don’t eat a heavy meal before meditating!

But again, remember it’s okay to fall asleep during meditation. You are still benefiting from it!

One of the first steps when meditating is to get yourself into a state of calm and relaxation.

But sometimes we end up “overdosing” on that calm and relaxation and we end up catching some Z’s instead!

This is completely normal.

Even some of the most experienced meditation practitioners end up falling asleep from time to time.

But you can slowly avoid this by following these practical yet simple tips in our second lesson: The Stay Awake Technique.

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of people expressing their frustration about falling asleep mid-meditation and feeling like they didn’t benefit at all from their session.

Guess what? That’s not entirely true.

Even if you do end up dozing off, you are still benefiting! 🙂

How do these 4 secrets to staying awake during meditation help you?


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