Are You A Reality Architect?

Are you a reality architect? Do you create you own reality or do you allow the world to float by on its own?

With the Silva Method, you can learn how to manifest in your life by watching this video .

Saralee Gomez, Jose Silva’s granddaughter talks about her experience growing up with the Silva method. Her story is very interesting.

There are three steps in the mirror of the mind technique taught in the Silva Life System.

The first step is meditation or deep relaxation.

The second step is to understand the problem. Imagine a full length mirror with a blue frame and examine the problem

The third step is to discover the solution. Erase the problem from the mirror, move it slightly to the left, and imagine a solution.

The video ends with a tip from Jose Silva. He suggests we build up our belief system by recalling past moments when we were successful in creating our own reality or manifesting something you desire.

Were you able to do the exercise successfully? Please share your experience.


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