Are You A Reality Architect?

Are you a reality architect? Do you create you own reality or do you allow the world to float by on its own? With the Silva Method, you can learn how to manifest in your life by watching this video . Saralee Gomez, Jose Silva’s granddaughter talks about her experience growing up with the Silva […]

Kelly Howell Leads Deep Relaxation

Kelly Howell leads this deep relaxation exercise. Like many of her other videos, the image is lovely and static. In this recording, she guides us through a body scan. Then she invites us to imagine a lovely garden where we can lie down and enjoy the warmth of the sun. This is where the body […]

Active Visualization Can Change Your Life

Best Meditation Videos has page by the same name as this post, Active Visualization Can Change Your Life. This is not a coincidence. I found an article titled, “Active Visualization Can Dramatically Improve Your Future,” which is the subject of the article I see very little semantic difference between these two titles, so we must be covering the […]