The Six Paramitas

After almost two weeks of articles about giving and the six paramitas, we come to a great video by Pema Chodron from a retreat she led in 1999 called, “Awakening Bodhichitta.” Bodhichitta literally means “heart-mind,” and is refers to awakening the mind of love, compassion, and awakening.

The subject of the retreat is the training of a bodhisattva, focusing on the six paramitas of generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom.

In this excerpt, she talks about the six paramitas, and crossing to the other shore. On the other shore, we are supposed to compassionate, kind, loving, open-hearted, open-minded and joyful. She says when we cross over to the other shore, we also take along with us all that is difficult and unpleasant in our lives.

Pema does not go into details about the six paramitas. Instead, she talks about the journey while crossing to the other shore, rather than being over there.

Don’t you just love Pema? What did you think of this video?

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