Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desire Guided Meditation

Here is another lovely video featuring Kelly Howell. This one is a fulfilling your heart’s desire guided meditation.

This is a really beautiful and peaceful meditation that is meant to accelerate manifestation and generate feelings of the absolute. It promotes total fulfillment, and making your mind and body feel as if  all of the things you need and desire are already present in your life.

Please be careful for what you desire because you just might get it! Just remember, “To desire what you do have is to waste what you do have!”

Desire is a funny thing. When we truly want something, this guided meditation is good for achieving it. However, if your desire is unwholesome in any way, you may attract the opposite of what you truly want.

The greatest thing that you could wish for is inner peace and freedom. This is the kind of wish that can bring many other wishes to fulfillment and benefit everyone you touch.

What are you going to do to fulfill your heart’s desire?

Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire

With this guided meditation you will

  • Increase your attracting force
  • Gain clarity of intention
  • Accelerate manifestation
  • Generate states of joy and well-being

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