Words Of Wisdom From Dr. Jean Houston

Here are some more Weekly Words of Wisdom form Lama Surya Das.

These come from the renowned spiritual leader, Dr. Jean Houston.

She was also a participant in the Sounds True and Dr. Rick Hanson’s presentation of The Compassionate Brain.

Her topic was Compassion in the Wider World and she said some amazing things.

“Let 2013, be the year of decisive action where we take the time and make the effort to understand the darkness that needs to be released and find a way to make our voices heard.

I am overwhelmed by the strength that every person has within them, and the even greater strength that we represent together. I celebrate you and bless you for allowing your heart to break open and usher in the light of hope, of vision and action. You are my family, and I know that together we will build a lasting legacy that is worthy of the world and all within it that we cherish.”

— Dr. Jean Houston,
spiritual leader

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