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Challenges are Clues


Challenges are clues that there is some suffering in our lives that we are not addressing properly. It may relate to our health, or wealth, or our … [Read More...]

Take the Cancer Quiz


Take the Cancer Quiz to Find Out How Not to Get this Dreaded Disease As you probably know, I am a cancer survivor for almost nineteen years. My son … [Read More...]

5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing

Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness

The 5 Rules of Mind-Body Healing: How To Regain & Maintain Perfect Health is title an article I just read on Soulvana blog. The article begins … [Read More...]

Mindfulness in Daily Life

Dogen Zenji

These words of wisdom for Zen Master Eihei Dogen teach us about mindfulness in daily life. This is actually quite a universal teaching these days by … [Read More...]

Faith in Buddhism

Golden Buddha

The idea of faith in Buddhism was very confusing for me until I realized that it was faith in my own ability to awaken. This is the faith that we all … [Read More...]

Killing You Softly


Roberta Flack tells us that "[He] is killing me softly with his song." But I say, sugar is killing you softly with its sweetness. This is especially … [Read More...]

Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness Book Launches Today

Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness

I am proud to announce that Healing with the Seven Principles of Mindfulness book launches Today, September 24, 2015. This long awaited book launch … [Read More...]

Always Interdependent with Nature

Naomi Klein

When I first read Naomi Klein's interview in Tricycle Magazine, I was stunned by the radical nature of her statement about global capitalism. On … [Read More...]