Lilou Mace Interview With Bruce Lipton

The Lilou Mace Interview with Bruce Lipton took place at the Quantum Medicine Congress in Honolulu Hawaii. This interview ties into my interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmology and Buddhist Thought. Both interviews tie the spiritual with the material. This interview contrasts the concept of the “quantum field” with spirit. The quantum field is […]

Guided Meditation to Feel Your Intention

This guided meditation to feel your intention by Lilou Mace is a short one. Begin with deep breathing and follow her count down from 10 to 0. The imagine what you want in your life and that it has already happened. Go deeper into the image and feel how you would feel when your intention […]

Guided Meditation for Releasing Fear

This is another video featuring Lilou Mace. This one is guided meditation for releasing fear. It begins with breathing in and out. Then the process continues with a visualization at the beach. The breathing continues deeply, with in and out. As you breathe deeply, your breath becomes slower. With the in breath, imagine being filled […]

Guided Meditation for Manifesting Your Desires

This is the fifth video in our Lilou Mace series while I am in New York. I hope you like this series. This is a short guided meditation for manifesting your desires using the law of attraction. We begin in the usual way in a comfortable posture with our back straight. Breathing in and out, […]

Lilou Mace Interview With Sonia Choquette

This interview with Sonia Choquette was conducted by Lilou Mace. Lilou Mace asked, “Do you have any advice for mediation?” The answers were revealing. Meditation quiets fears and emotions. It is like you are sitting on God’s lap! It allows yourself to go back to your experience and lets intuition come in. Please watch the […]

Connect With Your Inner Guide

This guided meditation helps you find your inner guide. Dr. Martin Rossman calls this your “inner adviser.” The relaxation exercise that precedes the meeting of your guide is typical of many other guided meditations. Meeting the guide on the beach takes the form of a bright light. Moving into the light, you ask if the […]

Guided Meditation for Love and Joy

This 9 minute guided meditation asks you visualize various things which tend to bring out a joyous state. It inspires the love inside of you to come out. It begins with deep breathing and coming into the present moment. The guided meditation is led by Lilou Mace based on the law of attraction meditations and […]