▶ Omharmonics – An Introduction to Omharmonics – YouTube

▶ Omharmonics – An Introduction to Omharmonics – YouTube.

As a dedicated meditation practitioner, you may have come across the concept of the Maharishi Effect.

Essentially it’s the exponential benefits that come from a rise in collective consciousness.

This is the group effect of thousands experiencing a spiritual experience together and magnifying each other’s energies.

And today you have the opportunity to create your own “mini” Maharishi Effect with a friend, a family member, a loved one…

Because for the next 3 days, you can get your copy of the OmLife collection, and we’ll give you an extra copy for FREE.

Who you choose to give this extra copy is entirely up to you! 🙂

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Now many of you have asked us what is it about the OmHarmonics audios that make it so special to anything else that’s out there.

There are 3 reasons…

1) NeuralSync Technology

The key lies in our innovative blend of binaural beats, audible heart beats and breathing sounds. This allows you to easily sychronize your mind, body and soul, and quickly gets you the zone — without the pesky mental chatter.

2) Intelligent Guided Flow Technology

Each audio has been designed to align with your current brainwaves, so you can enjoy an instantly immersive and resistance-free meditation session. Entering the Alpha state of mind has never been easier.

3) Mind Tunes

Unlike other meditation audios that use jarring and sometimes unpleasant sounds, OmHarmonics infuses consciousness engineering technology into beautifully arranged tunes. The result is an awesome listening experience that makes meditation the highlight of your day.

Some might even call it orgasmic.

Something this good has to be shared!

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