How To Achieve Your Goals

Using Guided Meditation

Most people say that they are easily distracted from achieving their goals because they have no willpower. Others say that they don’t know how to achieve them.

Experts in the field say that many people procrastinate and deny (to themselves) that they are doing so.

series of guided meditations at this time, I am offering Guided Meditation For Achieving Your Goals at the low introductory price of only $9.97 for a limited time.

I will even be happy to send you another guided meditation at no additional cost if you provide me with a testimonial like the ones above that I can use on this and other pages announcing my series.

The wonderful thing about guided meditation is that it helps you achieve your goals pretty quickly!

In fact, when people are experiencing a lot of trouble getting what they want, I’m wondering why more people don’t use meditation to get it!

The easy to follow process in the audio recording will train you to do it exactly like I do.

Once you clarify your goals and activate the deepest levels of your mind through deep relaxation, you will find that you can visualize your success.

If you are hesitant to buy this recording because you think thirty minutes is too long, then you are missing out on something much more beneficial to you than the evening news or the soap opera you watch or Monday Night Football or the morning newspaper!

Because this is a guided meditation, even people who can’t visualize are able to reduce their stress.

The process will train you to relax deeply, even if you do not know how to relax at all. I would say that 98% of the people that I teach this technique to come very close to falling asleep during the process. Most actually do!

I Am Shouldering All The Risk

You Risk Nothing

100% guaranteeYou have nothing to lose but your stress!

Try Guided Meditation For Achieving Your Goals for 90 days with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

I want you to be completely happy with your investment.

More than that, I want you to use this guided meditation for at least 21 days in a row and experience a significant improvement in getting what you want throughout your day and the rest of your life.

I believe that this is truly possible.

Guided Meditation Process

The guided meditation process consists of seven easy to follow stages. You will learn how to prepare for listening to the recording in the instructions after you download it.

Buy Now and receive a free bonus of a guided meditation recording to help you learn to follow your breathing.

As an additional bonus, you will also receive the keys to guided meditation when you subscribe to our email list. The first three keys will arrive almost immediately. The fourth key will be sent to you three weeks after you begin, so please be sure to sign up to receive this bonus.

When you sign up for our email list, information about meditation including blog posts, special offers and updates will come to your inbox. For example, another one of our recordings is about losing weight and you may know someone that this could help!

Get Instant Access

Guided Meditation Audio Recording (~30 minutes)

This audio recording is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Freedman. If you have any questions, please click here to send me a message. I will get back to you in record time!

I am confident that you will benefit from this process. Many already have.

Thank you for your order!



Dr. Jerome Freedman

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