Can We Learn to Laugh at Ourselves?

Can we learn to laugh at ourselves for the situation we’ve created in the United States now with money being more important than people, nature or life on earth? Can we learn to laugh at ourselves for destroying the only planet that we know of that can support life as we know it? Isn’t it […]

Treat Meditation Like Music You Can Dance To

These words of wisdom from the great Alan Watts teach us to treat meditation like music you can dance to. Almost all of us like music and, if you are like me, you love to dance. We could say that meditation doesn’t have a reason or doesn’t have a purpose. In this respect it’s unlike […]

Live Fully in the Present

Alan Watts once said For unless one is able to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax. There is no point whatever in making plans for a future which you will never be able to enjoy. When your plans mature, you will still be living for some other future beyond. You will never, never be […]

Do Not Kill Your Rabbit

In this video, Alan Watts tells a story about a little girl who was given a rabbit. He says, ”…pleasure in its fullness cannot be experienced when one is grasping it. “I knew a little girl to whom someone gave a bunny rabbit. She was so delighted with the bunny rabbit and so afraid of […]

What We Should Teach Our Children

Alan Watts was and amazingly gifted philosopher, lecturer and writer. He is famous bringing the philosophies of Eastern religions to Western Audiences. He was especially fond of Shunyru Suzuki Roshi and Zen practice. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, he lived in a houseboat in Sausalito and in a cabin on Mount Tamalpais, both near my […]

The Most Beautiful Jewels In The Universe

I am happy to present another installment of Weekly Words of Wisdom chosen by Lama Surya Das. These come from a great teacher of the last century, Alan Watts. Alan Wilson Watts was born in England. He was a philosopher, writer, and speaker. Perhaps he is best known as an interpreter of Eastern philosophy for […]