American JuBu

In the current issue (Spring 2020) of Tricycle Magazine, there is a review article about Emily Sigalow’s new book, “American JewBu: Jews, Buddhists, and Religious Change.” I was deeply moved by this review to the extent of making a comment. Here is what I wrote: I was brought up in a conservative kosher home in […]

Mindfulness Of Breathing

With Jim Reilly‘s great video from yesterday, I think you will enjoy receiving these words of wisdom about mindfulness of breathing from Christina Feldman. Christina Feldman has written articles on some of the best Buddhist magazines for many years. I have been reading everyone I come across from her. She’s also been leading insight meditation […]

Three Frames Of Insight From Zen Master Albert Einstein!

I bet you didn’t know that Albert Einstein was a Zen Master! How did I come to this conclusion? Buddhists talk about two broad types of meditation: samatha (calming) and vipassana (insight). One develops samatha and that leads to vipassana. The insights in these frames can be the results of insight meditation. They came naturally […]

How to Clarify Your Goals

Phillip Moffitt is a recognized vipassana (insight meditation) teacher and outstanding yogi. This teaching on how to clarify your goals is excellent. I have especially enjoyed his teachings on ambivalence, ambiguity, and ambition. I attended these talks about a year ago. He teaches at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA and has his […]