The Best Season of Your Life

These words of wisdom from Wumen touched me the moment I read them. He was the compiler or and commenter on the Mumonkan (The Gateless Barrier) – a collection of 48 koans – stories, dialogues, questions or statements used to trigger enlightenment in Zen Buddhism and Chan Buddhism. This was one of the first books […]

The Leonard Koan

These words of wisdom from Leonard Cohen form what is called the Leonard Koan! Not much has to be said about the amazing singer musician Leonard Cohen. He is pretty famous in all circles. He is now turning 80 on September 21, 2014. Many people don’t know the other side of Leonard Cohen. He was […]

Zen Meditation Practices Taught By Harada Roshi

Zen meditation practices taught by Harada Roshi include counting the breath, following the breath and koan meditation (“thinking about a problem to exhaustion”). The easiest of these is probably counting the breath. You find a comfortable position (not necessarily the lotus posture) and sit or lie down. You count your breaths from one to ten. […]