The Business Of Mindfulness

The business of mindfulness is discussed nicely in a recent article in The Economist by Schumpeter. The article is being brilliantly discussed by fellow OI1 members on the OI discussion board. According to the tag line of the article, capitalism is looking for inspiration from Eastern mysticism. For example, Google offers courses “search inside yourself,” […]

We All Have What It Takes To Thrive

Thrive is a two hour movie that has been reviewed on Best Meditation Videos. The movie demonstrates that we all have what it takes to thrive rather than merely survive. We All Have What It Takes To Thrive httpv:// This article presents an expansion of three of the themes presented in the movie: interbeing or […]

Timeless Quotes from the Buddha

It is with great pleasure that I bring you another excellent video by Gerald Penilla from California on Timeless Quotes from the Buddha. This video was brought to my attention by Bhikkhu Samahita, to whom I offer gratitude as well. httpv:// Timeless Quotes from the Buddha Here are the timeless quotes from the Buddha excerpted […]

Sister Chan Khong

Sister Chan Khong has been the closest person to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for more than 50 years! Her role in the Plum Village tradition is so vast that it would be difficult to describe it in hundreds of words. In addition to being an activist and one of the original six members of […]