The Basic Minute

I have offered this video on One Moment Meditation several times in these pages. Since my last offering, I have read the book and practiced all of the exercises in the book. The author, Martin Boroson, sent me an email with instructions on how to do what he calls, “The Basic Minute.” He goes on […]

How To Do One Moment Meditation

This video from Martin Boroson shows how to do one moment meditation. The trick is to start with meditating for a minute because a moment is too short to recognize. Believe it or not, Martin tells us not to meditate for more than a minute! Why? Here is what he says: Because the point of […]

Take A Moment To Meditate

This simple meditation is so powerful it can be done in one moment. You can do it right now wherever you are. All it takes is for you to bring your attention into yourself and breathe! Smile when you do it! Ten Breaths for Happiness is a good practice if you have more than a moment! My […]