Dalai Lama Led The Opening Prayer For The Senate

On March 6, The Dalai Lama led the opening prayer for the Senate. This was the very first time he did that. He began with, Firstly, as usual, I am Buddhist monk – simple Buddhist monk. So I pray to Buddha and all other Gods. The first sentence I will read now in my broken […]

Are You Caught In Praise and Blame?

In an article called, “Bad Reputation,” the Dalai Lama wrote about praise and blame. These are two of the Eight Worldly Concerns: praise and blame, loss and gain, happiness and suffering, and fame and disrepute. He writes: See the equality of praise and blame, approval and disapproval, good and bad reputation, For they are just […]

Wishing Happiness for Others

Shantideva was an 8th century Buddhist scholar. The story goes that he was, like the Buddha, born into a princely life. And, like the Buddha, he gave up his kingdom to become a monk. He couldn’t be bothered with politics and court proceedings. As a student, he was known to avoid his fellow monks. He […]