Active Visualization For Weight Normalization

Many of the weight management systems these days recommend curtailing eating of certain types of foods. This can be a very beneficial approach to weight normalization.

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Active Visualization For Weight Normalization Audio Recording (~30 minutes)

Relieve Your Symptoms With Active Visualization

Now you can use active visualization to relieve your symptoms with this new recording done live with a student on December 20, 2012! 

The above version is a guided meditation with a focus on weight normalization. The active segment of the process allows you to improve you body image and take steps towards weight normalization.

This new recording uses a very similar process. This time, the active segment guides you through recognizing your symptoms and helps you to deal with them in positive ways.

The student was blown away by the deep level of relaxation she experienced and the realization that what she learned in the active segment could really help her manage her symptoms.

It will work for you too!

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Active Visualization For Symptom Relief Audio Recording (~30 minutes)

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Dr. Jerome Freedman