Words of Wisdom for February 03, 2024

Dear Friends:
How to Eat an Apple

Look at the apple in your palm and ask yourself: When I eat an apple, am I really enjoying eating it? Or am I so preoccupied with other thoughts that I miss the delights that the apple offers me?

For most of our lives, we have eaten apple after apple without giving it a second thought. Yet in this mindless way of eating, we have denied ourselves the many delights present in the simple act of eating an apple. Why do that, especially when it is so easy to truly enjoy the apple?

– Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung, Lion’s Roar

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Here’s an interesting post from Meditation Practices:
Energy Follows Attention
When attention is on awareness/compassion, the entire universe is awareness/compassion. When attention is on the imaginary world of an imaginary ego-identity, the entire universe is suffering. – Cheri Huber …

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