Words of Wisdom for February 16, 2024

Dear Friends:
“Recently some friends told me about how much stress they were going through because of economy, business, family and all sorts of things. For curiosity, I checked the online dictionary what is the modern scholars’ explanation of stress and it is said that, “Stress is the consequence of the failure to adapt to change.” Surprisingly, I think to a certain extent, they are quite right.

Stress is a result of inflexibility and non-acceptance. In other words, it is caused by strong attachment and expectations. When there is hope or expectation, there is fear that this expectation will not come true, that is to say whatever you expect may not happen as you wish. So stress comes.

Thinking of this stresses me out too. One of my friends was almost crying because despite he was very successful in his business, he was having stress trying to keep up with the success; even though he has made a lot of money in the past 10 years, he is now under a lot of stress because he now has to work very hard to keep the level of the wealth.”

– His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa

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