Words of Wisdom for March 25, 2024

Dear Friends:
“The Buddha summarised his teaching as ‘The Middle Way’ with its nuances of balance. But balance is one of the most difficult (and beautiful) states to achieve.

We are often ‘top-heavy’ (as if our heads were at the centre of our bodies) or ‘all talk and no listen’, or unable to arrive at a cooperative relationship with others, or to otherwise live in a poised but easeful way.

– Ajahn Sucitto, London Insight

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The Self Never Did Exist Says The Dalai Lama
This quote teaches us that the self never did exist says the Dalai Lama. He is saying that we need to identify something that is nonexistent as nonexistent. Selflessness is not a case of something that existed in the past becoming nonexistent: rather, this sort of “self” is somet …

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