Words of Wisdom for May 31, 2024

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The Language of Liberation in English and Pali

English synonyms: liberation, deliverance, release, emancipation, freedom (a felt experience)
Pali synonyms and their usual translations by Bhikkhu Bodhi:
� Vimutti is usually translated as deliverance (e.g., in MN 29, MN 43)
� Vimokkha is usually translated as liberation or emancipation (e.g., in MN 29, AN 8:66)
� Deliverance of mind (or heart): cetovimutti
� Deliverance by wisdom: pa��?vimutti
� Perpetual (literally: non-temporary) deliverance: asamaya vimutti (see MN 29.6; any of the four stages of enlightenment)
� Perpetual liberation: asamaya vimokkha (see MN 29.6; synonym to perpetual deliverance)
� Temporary liberation: samaya vimokkha (see MN 29.6, n.348; according to commentaries, means four jhanas and four immaterial attainments)
� Commentary: “What is meant by liberation? Being thoroughly free from adverse qualities, free from worry, like a child sleeping on their parent’s lap, their body completely relaxed.”
� Unshakeable deliverance of mind: akuppa cetovimutti (see MN 29.7; arahantship)
� Delivered by faith: saddh?vimutta (see MN 70.19)
� Supreme security from bondage: anuttaram yogakkhemam (see MN 26.18; arahantship)

– Buddha, LEAP – various references

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