Body Sensations and Vipassana Meditation

Eilona Ariel is a film maker and a vipassana meditator.  She to the ten day vipassana training offered by Goenka in Nepal more than 26 years ago. She decided to make a film about body sensations and vipassana meditation with Ayelet Menahemi. In this Ted Talk held in Jaffa, Israel in 2013, she explains about […]

Dhamma Brothers Practice Vipassana Meditation

Last night, I watched a stirring movie about vipassana meditation in an Alabama Prison called The Dhamma Brothers. Two vipassana meditation teachers, Bruce Stewart and Jonathan Crowley went to the Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama to offer the 10 day vipassana course to a select group of  inmates. The film consists of interviews with all […]