The First Mindfulness Training

This video was created by R. Coleman fulling around with some movie-making software. What he came up with is truly amazing. The images are pretty gruesome at times, but relevant to the text of the first mindfulness training. They are accompanied by Krishna Das chanting the Hanuman Puja. The mindfulness trainings are a set of […]

Bodhi Mind

This Buddhist prayer comes from “The Gate of Sweet Nectar,” translated by Bernie Glassman Roshi. He joined with Krishna Das to talk and sing about how the prayer relates to the Hindu chant, Hanuman Chalisa. The bodhi mind is the mind that can awaken. As I wrote previously, “The Buddha taught that everyone has “bodichitta” […]

An American Hamburger With Indian Ketchup

I just saw the documentary film, One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das. There was a line in the movie that was so funny I had to use it as the title of this blog post. Someone in Denmark said of him, “He’s just and American hamburger with Indian ketchup!” This caught my attention […]