Meditation Can Change Your Brain

In this video, Dr. Richie Davidson tells us how meditation can change your brain. His the primary investigator and professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin laboratory for Affective Neuroscience. His work is well-known in scientific and meditation circles. He was one of the first investigators to scientifically study Tibetan monks in […]

Everyone Wants Happiness

One of the Dalai Lama’s favorite sayings is We want happiness. We do not want suffering. Everyone wants happiness and avoid suffering… Inner peace is the ultimate source of happiness! This is true and valid for all sentient beings. This short clip is from the movie, “Dalai Lama Renaissance.” I think the scene was shot during […]

Inner Peace Is The Ultimate Source Of Happiness

This short video is an excerpt from the film, “Dalai Lama Renaissance.” I actually think this clip took place at one of the Mind and Life conferences from the look of things. He thinks we are actually creating more suffering. Not speaking of religion or Buddhism, we get more benefit if we are more compassionate. We will be […]