Delta Boost Sound Meditation

Continuing to explore sound meditation, it is worthwhile to investigate Delta Boost sound meditation. This meditation practice has a lot in common with binaural beats. It claims to be an alternative for Holosync and Hemi Sync, both of which I have enjoyed listening to for the past three years. Recently, I have returned to the […]

Relax to the Sounds of Nature

This video teaches us to relax to the sounds of nature. It caught my attention because so many people have watched it. The shows 22 minutes of the sun setting over Newport, RI. The sound of the wave coming onto the shore have a very relaxing effect if you stop and listen. Allow your self […]

Xphirience Bliss Encoded Sound Meditation

Here is yet another type of sound meditation. It is based on a mathematical principle that appears frequently in art and nature. The principle is called the Golden Ratio. The golden ratio is described in Wikipedia as In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio (φ) if the ratio of the […]

Sound Meditation

This video contains sounds of the Amazon rainforest and are very good for sound meditation. To do sound meditation, take a seat in a comfortable position – inside or outside. Inhale and exhale deeply a couple of times. Then just pay attention to the sounds around you. Don’t get lost in your projects or thoughts. […]