10 Big Ideas To Turn On Skinny Genes

Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated that targeted lifestyle changes can turn on disease-fighting genes and turn off disease-promoting genes. I heard him speak about how lifestyle changes reversed heart disease at Dr. Marty Rossman‘s Academy for Guided Imagery convention in Hawaii many years ago. Now his work is going mainstream.

Dr. Sara GottfriedOne of the exceptional doctors to also promote lifestyle changes is Dr. Sara Gottfried. I first encountered her on the en*theos virtual conference on The Loving Brain – Tool For Real Issues hosted by Rick Hanson. Dr. Gottfried’s contribution to the success of The Loving Brain is phenomenal. This is a free program and it is still available.

Dr. Gottfried also appeared in the en*theos conference on The Pleasure Advantage hosted by Alexandra Jaye Johnson.

What’s more, she will be lecturing on en*theos on Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM PST. Her topic is How to Turn On Your Skinny Genes (and Fit In Your Skinny Jeans). You can read about the 10 Big Ideas to turn on skinny genes below.

Dr. Gottfried is a practicing physician from Harvard Medical School with a background in bioengineering from MIT. She believes in Ayurveda, integrative medicine, and yoga.

10 Big Ideas To Turn On Skinny Genes

  1. Eat Nutrient Dense Green Food: Chard, Kale, Spinach, Lentils. My daughter makes an amazing kitchery with all of these elements and it is not difficult to make. She puts tumeric and ginger in it and ads some ghee.
  2. Target the Blood Sugar. You can lower your blood sugar by increasing the whole foods in your diet (especially vegetables), cutting out simple processed carbohydrates and sugars, and getting regular exercise. Eliminate soda and artificial sweeteners from your diet.
  3. Cool the Fire of Inflammation. You can reduce inflammation by eating a whole foods, plant-based diet and eliminating dairy and gluten. Getting regular exercise,  and stress-reducing practices such as yoga or meditation, deep breathing, or even taking a relaxing warm bath are also important in reducing inflammation.
  4. Bring the Oxygen. Bring oxygen to your cells by regular exercise, lots of water, and, yes, again, whole food, plant-based diet – full of leafy greens and legumes. I also recommend Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  5. Mind the Mitochondria. “Mitochondria are like little energy factories in our body, turning food and oxygen into energy. When we don’t supply our bodies with healthy food and plenty of oxygen, we experience oxidative stress, which has been linked with the development of diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s to Alzheimers and Multiple Sclerosis. By boosting the amount of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet and lowering stress levels, you can reduce oxidative stress.” [Read More…]
  6. Get your Panacea On. Exercise is the closest thing to a panacea in medicine.
  7. Methylate More. Diet, again is the main action to take to put more methyl groups on the fat genes to turn them off.
  8. Baby your Baby. It is important to stay healthy and not gain too much weight during pregnancy.
  9. Take a Cold Shower. I never do, but it is highly recommended.
  10. Direct Your Stress. Manage your stress with Stress Relief Guided Meditation. This will help you reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in your bloodstream. Dr. Gottfried also recommends eliminating caffeine and practicing yoga.

Which of these 10 Big Ideas strikes your fancy as something you will take action on? Which ones are difficult? Please share your thoughts.

Dr. Sara Gottfried is the best selling author of The Hormone Cure, which has received rave reviews.

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