6 Things Uniting in Harmony

The 6 things uniting in harmony to be remembered were spoken by the Buddha. These came to me in an email from Bhikkhu Samahita

The Blessed Buddha once said: These six things are to be remembered in order to unite any
community in harmony: Which six?

japanese Gate

japanese Gate
Courtesy of Bikkhu Samahita

  1. Friendly Behavior both in public & in private.
  2. Friendly Speech both in public & in private.
  3. Friendly Thought both in public & in private.
  4. Sharing of Gains even down to any single lump of food.
  5. Moral Agreement: All respect the same ethical rules.
  6. Same Views: All share the same general views & opinions.

These 6 things are to be considered and remembered both for individual & for social harmony…

So that we can sleep with open doors and dance with the children in our arms, we can practice these six things together.

In the first three, the word friendly has the connotation of metta, or what I think of as loving kindness. So the intention of the first three is in the spirit of right speech, right thought, and right action. These are three elements of the eightfold path.

The fourth item of sharing of gains is for the benefit of the common wealth. It is in the spirit of kindness, generosity, and gratitude. This also relates to the first paramita, the perfection of generosity.

The fifth item of moral agreement refers to the second paramita, the perfection of ethics. If we all agree to treat each other as we wish to be treated, then we will be able to unite in harmony and live a life of joy and happiness.

Having the same views, the sixth item, relates to the element of the eightfold path called right view. Right view consists of two main ideas. The first is that we must be present in the here and now in order to enjoy the wonders of life. “The miracle is not to walk on water,” says Master Lin Chi (Linji), the lineage patriarch of Zen Buddhism in Japan and Chan Buddhism in China. “The miracle is to walk on earth,” and this is truly a wonder of life.

The second element of right view is the insight of interbeing, the interconnectedness of all things. When we have the insight of interbeing, we recognize that we are the gift of the whole universe, the earth, the sky, and many generations.

As told in Cosmology and Buddhist Thought: A Conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, we understand that we are here because of the explosion of a supernovae in this region of the galaxy more than 5 billion years ago. We are all made of stardust, and everything we construct is also made of stardust.

The insight of interbeing helps us recognize that every sentient being wants happiness and to avoid suffering. Then we can live in peace and practice the 6 things uniting in harmony.

Which of the 6 things uniting in harmony do you find easy to practice? Which one is the most difficult? Please share.

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