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 Stress In Just 9 Minutes A Day!

Jerome Freedman

Dr. Jerome Freedman

From: Dr. Jerome Freedman

Locaton: Larkspur, CA

RE: 9 Minute Meditation

Dear Stressed-Out Friend:

I’m sure you have had to deal with a lot of stress in your life or you wouldn’t be reading this page. I have too endured years of stress dating back to high school.

You have come to the right place!

In fact, as you read on, you will discover why anxiety, worry, and especially stress can be
eliminated and never need trouble you again.

Why Can I Help You Eliminate Stress?

First, let me tell you my story. I was your typical nerd in high school and college always thinking about girls. Just looking at an attractive girl would stress me out. Talking to one would give me heart palpitations. I never had the guts to approach the ones I thought were attractive.

Then in my junior year, I discovered chemistry and math. I still only thought about girls, and began to have a love of learning. The next year, I took physics. These subjects were important for my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. I then spent six years in graduate school in physics. I got two masters degrees in physics. The curriculum was so stressful that I was unable to complete my Ph. D.

Then I found meditation. If I wasn’t such a nerd, I may have found it sooner.

Meditation took me out of the world of physics and into the world of software engineering. Over the years, I earned my Ph. D. in computer science. My successful years as a software engineer have provide me with a substantial income. I am now able to spend my time writing and teaching.

Over the years, I have trained many people how to meditate and eliminate stress. The training included meditation and deep relaxation. I now teach Mindfulness in Healing at the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, California.

That is why I am pleased to announce the new 9 Minute Meditation Course. It will guide you in simple, powerful lessons to help you eliminate stress. It is fast and easy … once you learn how to meditate.

Introducing – 9 Minute Meditation

When you invest in 9 Minute Meditation, you subscribe to a series of lessons on meditation. Twelve of these lessons are instructions in different forms of meditation. Lessons are made available to you in the members area on a weekly basis.

The course of study spans a period of about four months to two years. Additional materials and meditation instructions are available in our advanced training course.

In 9 Minute Meditation , You’ll Discover:

  • The real reason why so many people fail at meditation (and it’s not because it’s hard!) This one
    9 Minute Meditation

    9 Minute Meditation

    simple secret will ensure you succeed.

  • How to get rid of your stress starting today, even if you’ve never even thought about meditation a single day in your life.
  • The best way to meditate, even if you have an extremely busy lifestyle (even those “old school” meditation masters have no idea how effective this is to banish your stress right away).
  • A brand new discovery about the most effective way to enhance your meditation. This method will immediately improve your concentration so you get the most out of your session.
  • The secrets of ensuring you’re able to meditate every day, no matter how busy you are, without it feeling like “work” — it will become the best part of your day!
  • How to banish your stress in 9 minutes flat — even in the middle of the work day!
  • The single easiest way to lose weight fast — without depriving yourself of food! (Stress reduction isn’t the only benefit that can come from meditation!)
  • A special place you can go to meditate and instantly dissolve your stress. (This technique is so easy… And… So little known… That even more advanced students of meditation have no idea what it is.
  • Scientifically proven methods of meditating to eliminate health problems like insomnia, tension headaches, obesity, high blood pressure, and more!…all in under 9 minutes per day…without drugs!
  • Are you chronically irritable? Discover how to enjoy life, and everyone around you, to help your relationships do a 180 (hint: This could save your relationship!)
  • 12 sure-fire mediation practices so you’ll never run out of inspiration (any one of these can banish your stress and save you a ton in medical bills).
  • What you need to know about timing your meditations so they are 100% more effective!
  • The incredible secrets successful meditators have known for centuries — tailored to your new stress-free modern lifestyle.
  • How to ensure you have the happiest, most fulfilled life that is humanly possible (Yes, really!)

The secret to your success in eliminating stress is to practice meditation just 9 minutes every single day.

Meditation You Can Do Today!

The 9 minute meditation program is designed so that you can enjoy the benefits right away!

This 9 Minute Meditation Course is:

  • Calming
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to do
  • Easy to fit into your schedule
  • Perfectly peaceful
  • An excellent stress-reducer
  • A great way to improve your concentration
  • Fuss-free
  • Not reliant on any one culture or religion
  • Something you can do right away
  • Great for beginner through advanced
  • Full of support

Subscribe Today and Soon You’ll Be Stress-Free!

Meditation in Action

Meditation in Action

Take advantage of a 14 day trial subscription for just $1.00 today.

You’ll have access to the introduction and three more  lessons immediately.

Then once a week we’ll, automatically deliver new modern meditation strategies, right into your members area.

There’s no waiting for books or CD’s to arrive, no wondering what’s coming next.

We promise you won’t be overwhelmed with too much information too soon!

Just log into the members area every week and view the new content.

I Am Shouldering All The Risk
You Risk Nothing

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, just let me know before your two-week trial is up, and I’ll cancel your subscription. You won’t be charged a single cent more.

If you love what you’re learning, and start seeing positive changes in your life, then you don’t need to do a thing. After your two-week trial is over, you’ll automatically be billed for the regular subscription price of just $19.95 per month. You can cancel at any time.

That’s it — just $19.95 per month is it all takes to relieve your stress, gain full mental clarity, and start feeling both mentally and physically stronger! And of course, you can cancel your 9 Minute Meditation subscription at any time, no questions asked.

Act Now, and You Will Also Receive

  • Six weekly guided 9 minute meditation recordings designed to expedite your accomplishments. These recordings are found no where else on the internet. I will be your guide.
  • Access to a special contact form where you can ask questions about your meditation practice and receive answers.
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group for 9 Minute Meditation members only.
  • A downloadable copy of my $17 Amazon book on Meditation Practices.

9 Minute Meditation is ready for instant viewing of the first several lessons for $1.00 now. You will be billed $19.95 in 14 days and every 30 days thereafter. You can cancel at any time.

I invite you to try 9 Minute Meditation for 30 days completely my risk. If the lessons aren’t your escape from an over-stressed life, just let me know and you’ll never have to pay for these lessons.  They are yours as my gift just for trying them.

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Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.

P. S. …remember, you are guaranteed to reduce or eliminate the stress in your life. Take action now!