A Center of Love and Kindness

Here is a marvelous quote from Jon Kabat-Zinn. He teaches us to establish ourselves as a center of love and kindness.

I believe that it was Kristin Neff who found that people looking for mates are more concerned about finding someone who is kind than any other quality, and this is the most important quality they want in a long term relationship.

In my experience, the relationship I’ve been in since 1978 is with a woman who is extremely kind and generous to all people. I admit that I didn’t realize this at first. But when it came to helping me raise my son, she was amazingly kind to him and me.

Once you have established yourself as a center of love and kindness radiating throughout your being, which amounts to a cradling of yourself in loving kindness and acceptance, you can dwell here indefinitely, drinking at this fount, bathing in it, renewing yourself, nourishing yourself, enlivening yourself. This can be a profoundly healing practice for body and soul.

– Jon Kabat-Zinn


We have offered these loving kindness blessings several times already, but it won’t hurt to do it again!

Find yourself in a comfortable position with your back straight or lying down. It doesn’t matter as long as you can be relaxed.

Then shower these loving kindness blessings on yourself:

May I be safe from internal and external harm.

May I have a calm, clear mind and peaceful loving heart.

May I be physically strong, healthy and vital.

May I experience love, joy, wonder and wisdom in this life just as it is.

Have you had the pleasure of knowing someone who is especially loving and kind? Please let us know, as we can share our stories.

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