Instructions For Active Visualization And Guided Meditation


At this point you should have downloaded your active visualization or guided meditation recording and preparing to use it.

The active visualization or guided meditation program consists of several stages to bring you into a state of total relaxation followed by what I call the “active stage”.

If you have ordered one of the recordings for achieving your goals or sleeping better, the active stage will be silent. In fact, if you ordered the recording for sleeping better, the recording ends in the active stage.

Active VisualizationInstructions

Before you begin active visualization or guided meditation, please turn off your phones and all other devices that could disturb your session.

You may want to have a notebook by your side to write down your goal for the session and any insights that you get during it.

Find a quiet space where you can lie down in a comfortable position and where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes. Put up a “do not disturb” sign on the door of your space.

Wear loose clothing and remove everything from your pockets that you feel safe in doing.

If you can, use a comfortable headset to listen to the recording.

If you are listening to active visualization or guided meditation for achieving your goals, you may want to have a goal in mind before you begin. This is not necessary as one may come to you instinctively.

For all other guided meditations and active visualization except for sleeping better you will receive further guidance.

Lie back, listen to the recording and have an enjoyable time.

Do not be concerned with how well you visualized or if you visualized actively. This will come with practice.

Do not be concerned with how deeply you relax or if you did not relax very deeply. This will also come with practice.

Do not worry if you fall asleep. Over the years, most people who have had private sessions have dozed off once or twice.

After Your Active Visualization or Guided Imagery Session

Before you do anything else, take a few minutes to contemplate what just happened.

Ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

Did you have difficulty with the suggested visualizations? If so, don’t be too concerned about that at this time. With practice, the visualization will become more active and you will progress.

Write down any insights or actions you want to take based on your session.When To Practice

When all of this is complete, you may get up slowly and carry on with the rest of your day or evening.

If you have any questions, please click here to send me a message. I will get back to you in record time!

When To Practice

The best time to practice active visualization or guided meditation is in the morning when you wake up.

Another good time to practice is in the evening before you go to bed.

Any time you can find 30 minutes to practice is a good time!

I suggest you practice with or without the audio recording daily for 21 days.

On the twenty-first day, you will receive in your inbox the fourth key to active visualization and guided meditation.


The information in these recordings is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice. The author is not a physician and is not providing any kind of medical advice whatsoever.

Please consult your doctor if you have any medical concern about the practices in these recordings and on this website before beginning.

Call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

You may, however, be surprised about how good you feel when you embark the life-long journey of a daily meditation practices.

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