Alicia Keys Spoke on Finding Herself with Oprah

Alicia Keys spoke on finding herself with Oprah during this portion of a Master Class on OWN TV. She talks about how frenetic her life was as a musician and honored celebrity.

She decided to take a three week break from it all and went to Egypt. She says,

I was just so reinvigorated. It was big and it was the first time I went anywhere by myself…to experience myself. Myself in an environment as opposed to so many things or people or whatever. So, that was amazing.

I think time for yourself is the most difficult thing to find sometimes, but it’s such an important thing. I personally think that you are just able to vibrate on another level… That’s the thing that I learned the most from being by myself. Usually you’re on a trip with someone you know and you’re having a great time… It’s just the beautiful freedom to be able to have a moment to just choose what you want to choose because it is what is perfect for you at that moment. That trip to Egypt was the beginning of me starting to uncover and find myself and who I was at that present moment.

Spending time by ourselves is something we do everyday when we meditate. We also start to uncover who we really are and experience ourselves in the present moment.

What are the ways the you like to spend time by yourself? Do these ways make it easy for you to dwell happily in the present moment?

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