How to Simplify Our Lives

In a world where we are taught to make things more and more complicated each day Jon Jandai, founded Pun Pun Center for Self-Reliance, with his wife, Peggy Reents in 2003. He no longer compares his life to others and withdraws from competition. The Pun Pun Center is an organic farm outside Chiang Mai, Thailand. Jon teaches us how to simplify our lives in this Ted Talk.

Jon asks us to contemplate the proposition that life is easy. Why do we make it so difficult?

Pun Pun is also a center for sustainable living and seed production. It aims to bring indigenous and rare seeds back into use, and regularly hosts training on simple techniques on how to simplify or lives and live more sustainably.

Jon is a leader in bringing the natural building movement to Thailand, appearing as a spokesperson on dozens of publications and TV programs for the past 10 years. He continually strives to find easier ways for people to fulfill their basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and medicine.

Henry David Thoreau says, “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

The people in Chiang Mai live a very simple lives. They work hard for two months – one month to plant rice and another month to harvest it. The rest of the time, they have a good time with many celebrations and the opportunity to learn about themselves.

Can you relate to what Jon said about living in Bangkok and going to university? How will you simplify your life? It’s your choice to make life easy or hard. Which will you chose?

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