How to Tap into Your Inner Pilot Light

If you have been following Lissa Rankin, MD and know how to tap into your inner pilot light, you can skip this article.

It is based on an email I received from her last Thursday which contained 30 suggestions on how to tap into your inner pilot light.

I’m just going to list them here (with a few comments) and offer you the opportunity ask for further clarification on any of the items.

Many of these suggestions are treated nicely in my book, Healing with the 7 Principles of Mindfulness, especially numbers 2, 3, 9 and others.


  1. Reduce your level of busyness.
  2. Get out in nature.
  3. Listen to music. (I like Tibetan singing bowls, binaural beats for relaxation and meditation.)
  4. Tune into your body compass.
  5. Meditate. (So what else is new?)
  6. Face up to your Gremlins.
  7. Pay attention to dreams and keep a dream journal.
  8. Notice books or articles online that speak directly to where you are in your life.
  9. Tune into any health issues you might be facing. (This has really worked for me.)
  10. Release your resistance.
  11. See if you can access a spirit guide.
  12. Practice tuning into your Inner Pilot Light by simply asking a specific question.
  13. Play with your Inner Pilot Light.
  14. Put your Inner Pilot Light to the test.
  15. Get into your right brain before seeking guidance from your Inner Pilot Light.
  16. Learn to recognize the feeling of truth.
  17. Recognize that your Inner Pilot Light tastes like freedom.
  18. Learn to “read energy.”
  19. Ask for guidance.
  20. Cultivate presence. (Happiness can only be found in the present moment.)
  21. Tune in to signs.
  22. Send your Inner Pilot Light a text message.
  23. Draw your Inner Pilot Light. (I did something like this with Anna Halprin when I first got cancer in 1997.)
  24. Vision with your Inner Pilot Light.
  25. Engage in repetitive movement. (This happens for me when I play tennis.)
  26. Consult your Inner Pilot Light via oracles. (This is how I decided to go on retreat with Father Eli in 1973.)
  27. Find your Inner Pilot Light in nature’s wisdom.
  28. Consult your Inner Pilot Light via animal totems.
  29. Let your Inner Pilot Light write you a letter.
  30. Surrender your desire to communicate with your Inner Pilot Light.

Lissa concludes with

And please don’t despair if you’re still having a hard time discerning the voice of your Inner Pilot Light. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Like any new practice, becoming familiar with the voice of your Inner Pilot Light may take time, attention, intention, and inspired action. Bench press your inner communication muscles and watch the light within you radiate.

One of these ways on how to tap into your inner pilot light should light you up as you read through them.

Which one lights your inner pilot light up?

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