If 100,000 Children Can Meditate, So Can You!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children come together for a day of mindfulness and meditation at a temple near Bangkok.

The Buddha said in the Dhammapada, “Wisdom grows from meditation. From no meditation wisdom fades. Knowing this relation between progress and decay any clever one would settle on the pure & practical way to growth of genuine understanding.”

The children chant,

We are virtuous stars.
We are leaders of a moral revival project.
V Star. Change the world.

One child, Sophie Milee Rigg, says, “I sit for 15 minutes every day and feel better after that.”

Changing the world starts with changing ourselves.

If 100,000 children can meditate, why can’t you?

You could try my 9 Minute Meditation course for free if you tell my why you can’t.

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