Interview With Ram Dass

A few days ago, I published my first post about Baba Ram Dass in a quote from his book, Be Here Now.

Just today, I came across an interview with Ram Dass in his home in Maui, Hawaii.

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Ram Dass’s main message is going from the head to the heart:

I feel sadhana [spiritual practice] comes from the real self. Sadhana goes from here [points to his head] which is the ego, to this [hand on his heart], which is the real self. And this is the soul. In the depth of the soul is the atman, the oversoul. And that oversoul is really love and compassion, peace, joy, and wisdom. [He says these words carefully, with reverence].  But that isn’t just knowledge; it’s much more. If you want to get to know a tree, the head would merely say, “That’s a tree.” If you go into the heart, you meld with the tree. If you meld, and I meld, we’re meld ing into something, into oneness. And this is bhakti [devotion] —giving from here to here, the head to the heart. This is loving awareness, that’s the soul. And you go down to the heart. You say, “I am loving awareness.” In the middle of the chest: “I am loving awareness. I am loving awareness, I am loving awareness,” and you get moving down.

Ram Dass is one of the most beloved spiritual teachers of our generation. His open heart and handling of grace are examples for us all.

Please share your feelings and thoughts about Ram Dass.

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