More Teachings of the Buddha

Here are some more teachings of the Buddha from one of my favorites, Sharon Salzberg. These teachings are similar to ones that we have learned from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, dharma teacher, Glen Schneider, and the  Order of Interbeing.

Sharon invites us to contemplate the forces of greed, grasping, hatred, and delusion in our lives. Also, she asks us to contemplate the forces of love, compassion, wisdom, and joy in our lives.

What increases the forces of greed and grasping and hatred and delusion, in my actual experience? What increases the forces of love and compassion and wisdom and joy, in my actual experience? Put it into practice; see for yourself what’s true.

—Sharon Salzberg on the teachings of the Buddha



Thich Nhat Hanh has said that, when you boil it all down, there are just two basic questions.  This guided meditation takes those two basic questions and breaks them down.  You might want to write down the responses that come up in meditation, as they may come from a very deep place and be hard to remember in everyday life.

What is my suffering and how do I get over it?
What is my happiness and how do I keep hold of it.

Begin with finding your in-breath and your out-breath. Follow your in-breath all the way in. Follow your out-breath all the way out. Become aware of feeling any tensions. Become aware of releasing any tensions. Contemplate the following:

For suffering:

  1. What is my suffering?
  2. Down deep at the base, at the core of me, what is my suffering?
  3. What is my greatest fear (about my suffering)?
  4. How do I propose to get over it?

For happiness:

  1. What is my happiness?
  2.  What is my deepest aspiration(s), at the core of my being?
  3. What is my greatest fear? (about happiness and aspirations)
  4. How do I propose to take hold of them, to keep them?

Did you practice the contemplations? What did you experience? What did you write down? Please share.

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