Reincarnation May Be For Real!

In the Buddha’s teachings, reincarnation is assumed to be certain. The legends talk about Buddha’s past lives and how he had been a Buddha in the past.

While many doubt that reincarnation is possible, reincarnation may be for real!

My friend, Bhikkhu Samahita, is a monk living in Sri Lanka. He sends me emails about Buddha’s teachings every day.

Most of his email have quotes from the Buddhist texts which contain translations of the original Pali texts. I think that these are meant for practicing Buddhists.

Lately, he has providing me with up to day information about medical research into reincarnation. He has highlighted the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research.

This video features an interview of Dr. Robert Almeder of Georgia State University. He says, “Maybe it’s not unreasonable to believe that some people reincarnate.”

So do you believe in reincarnation?

Would you like to see more from Bhikkhu Samahita?

Please share your answers.

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