Release and Let Go

This exercise to release and let go is part of a 21-day Happiness Challenge from Luminita Saviuc, also known as the Purpose Ferry.

According to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (if my memory servers me :)), the Buddha taught that the third and fourth elements of the first foundation of mindfulness in the Satipatthana Sutra were to be aware of tensions in the body and release and let go of all of these tensions.

You’ll find a similar practice in all of my guided meditations here.

Heart Shaped Rocks

REMINDER: Today’s happiness theme is “release and let go.” Are you holding onto something you need to let go of? Are you ready to let go?

EXERCISE: Close your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths and think now of one thing you need to release. It can be anything- a toxic thought, emotion, a certain thing, place, experience, and so on.

Give this thing the shape of a small stone you hold in the palm, and squeeze it as hard as you can.

Do this for 30 seconds.

Now open your hand and imagine letting go of the stone.

Notice how much more relaxed you feel.

Bring back the feeling of ease.


You have completed the exercise for the day.

Another way to do this is to bring your attention to the muscles and nerves in your head and face and then invite them to relax, let go and release.

Follow this with your neck and shoulders, arms and hands, chest and abdomen, pelvis and hips, legs and feet.

You can get as detailed as you want about each of these body parts.

The point is to be aware of each part and allow it to release and let go.

Here is one of my guided meditations that can help you do it (refresh page to see more):


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