Samsara And The Realms Of Existence

This video came to me courtesy of my friend, Bhikkhu Samahita. He lives as a monk in Sri Lanka and sends me emails everyday.

This one is about samsara and the realms of existence.

Samsara refers to the Buddhist concept of our ordinary life as humans in a world of various activities that keep our noses to the grindstones. It generally refers to suffering in the cyclic existence of birth, decay, death and rebirth.

The Buddha taught that freedom from samsara is possible through the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path.

The realms of existence portrayed in the video are hungry ghosts, animals, and humans in humans in heaven, hell and samsara.

The video is an animation with some lovely images and chanting.

Did you watch the movie? What do you think the elephant, rabbit and monkey signify? Please share your feelings and thoughts about these and your life in samasara.

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