Sleeping is Good for Your Health

Last week, we learned that Napping is Good for Your Health. This week, we hear more from Sara Mednick who tells you that sleeping is good for your health.

“Before Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, our great-grandparents would get as much as 10 hours’ rest during an average weeknight. Today, we’re lucky to get eight hours on the weekend. The amount of actual weeknight slumber has shrunk, on average, to an alarming 6.7 hours. We are a nation of the walking tired, so much so that 51 percent of the workforce reports that sleepiness on the job interferes with the volume of work they can do. One in five adults is so sleepy that it interferes with his or her daily activities a few days a week, while an additional 20 percent report impairment a few days a month.

Once the nation with the most productive workforce in the world, the United States, by a number of measures, has fallen behind countries such as France and Germany. Our standard of living is slipping. Our students are underperforming. Our collective health is deteriorating. In areas such as science and technology, we no longer dominate. Politicians, pundits and experts from all fields have made an industry out of explaining what’s going wrong. But continually overlooked is the role of that quiet little demon: fatigue.”

~ Sara C. Mednick from Take a Nap, Change Your Life!


Do you sleep on the job? Do you get enough sleep? Why or why not? Please share.

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