The Many Benefits of Meditation

This article in the Huffington Post shows scientific evidence of the many benefits of meditation. In fact, the author, Amanda L. Chan, lists twenty reasons why it is good for your mental and physical health. The reasons she lists are It lowers stress — literally (see Guided Meditation for Relieving Stress). It lets us get to […]

Guided Meditation For Ending Stress And Anger

This video comes to us courtesy of Richard Nongard of Subliminal Science. Watching the water move brings a sense of peace. Allow your stress and anger flow out with the waterfall. Notice the sense of relaxation that comes about after watching the waterfall for several minutes. Scan your body and feel your hands and feet […]

Guided Meditation For Embracing Anger

This lovely video is a guided meditation for embracing anger. The images are beautiful and the narrator has a really soothing voice. She tells us to release our anger by embracing love. When we have acceptance for our selves, we can learn to release anger when we allow others to be who they are, when we allow people […]