Guided Meditation For Ending Stress And Anger

This video comes to us courtesy of Richard Nongard of Subliminal Science.

Watching the water move brings a sense of peace. Allow your stress and anger flow out with the waterfall.

Notice the sense of relaxation that comes about after watching the waterfall for several minutes.

Scan your body and feel your hands and feet get warm and heavy.

Use your imagination to drift into the relaxing scenery and allow your breathing to become smooth rhythmic.

Focus on your desires for ending stress and anger. Do this by focusing on hopefulness instead of stress and forgiveness instead of anger.

Create an affirmation such as, “I am free from stress,” and use it every day. The affirmation can be a single word like happiness, calm, or forgiveness.

Write your affirmation on card and make it visible to you where you work or play.

Remember that everything began as a thought in someone’s mind. You too, can create peace and harmony in your life.

To help you along the path to ending stress and anger, we have created two wonderful guided meditation that you can order.

Guided Meditation For Relieving Stress begins with an extremely deep relaxation process that you can learn to do. Then you are to relieve your stress by using your breath and noticing how the stress feels in your body. The process is based on ancient wisdom teachings and the modern relaxation response investigated by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard University.

Guided Meditation For Embracing Anger also begins with deep relaxation. It continues with a visualization of you being embraced by your mother as a five year old child. This image inspires you to learn to embrace your anger in a similar way and watch it pass through you.

Please share this video with anyone you know who needs help with stress and / or anger management.

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