Depth Of Enlightenment

This quote is taken directly from The Dude and the Zen Master by Roshi Bernie Glassman and Jeff Bridges on page 108. Bernie talks about how the depth of enlightenment of a person is related to whom they serve.   BERNIE: Shakyamuni Buddha said that everything and everyone, as they are, are enlightened. On the other […]

Bernie Glassman Talked At Google

Zen Master Bernie Glassman talked at Google very recently. This lovely new video about his teaching of Zen and his work with the homeless. He outlined something that is called, “mandala practice,” which is a holistic approach to social action. It involves five different types of energy: spiritual energy, training energy, social action energy, livelihood energy, and […]

The Dude And The Zen Master

Jeff Bridges was featured yesterday on my Facebook page here. It was in a quote from Tricycle Daily Dharma in which he said, “You can spend a lot of energy being upset, or you can get with the program—it’s that right effort thing—get the beauty of the way it is.” He has recently written a […]