The Dude And The Zen Master

Jeff Bridges

The Dude

Jeff Bridges was featured yesterday on my Facebook page here. It was in a quote from Tricycle Daily Dharma in which he said, “You can spend a lot of energy being upset, or you can get with the program—it’s that right effort thing—get the beauty of the way it is.”

He has recently written a book called “The Dude and the Zen Master” with Zen Master Bernie Glassman.

As you probably know, Jeff Bridges is known as “The Dude” from his performances in the movie “The Big Lebowski,” which was a major hit in 1998. People are still talking about it. Remember, “The dude abides?”

Bernie Glassman started teaching Zen in the 1970’s. He was an space engineer. He and “The Dude” connected and love to smoke cigars together.

Their book came out of conversations they had and recorded together.

Both of these men have been actively involved in social action. Bernie Glassman works for homeless people and Jeff Bridges is involved in hunger relieve.

Watch this interview with Charlie Roseto see how it came together.

If the dude really abides, there is no longer any attachment to anything. If we abide in the present moment, there still may be pain, but we will no longer suffer.

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