The First Precept

Bernie Glassman is back again with more words of wisdom from Tricycle Daily Dharma. This time, he is talking about the first precept taught by the Buddha. The traditional rendering of this precept is, “Non-killing,” or  “To abstain from killing any living creature.” This is sometimes taken to extreme by certain monks and nuns in […]

Golden Light – Lux Aurumque

Lux Aurumque is a wonderful video of singers around the world conducted by Eric Whitacre. There are 185 voices from 12 countries. The music is awe-inspiring! Lama Surya Das wrote, Check out the power and blessings of voices raised together in spirit in this  magnificent musical sangha effort, which uplifts and edifies the mind and […]

Depth Of Enlightenment

This quote is taken directly from The Dude and the Zen Master by Roshi Bernie Glassman and Jeff Bridges on page 108. Bernie talks about how the depth of enlightenment of a person is related to whom they serve.   BERNIE: Shakyamuni Buddha said that everything and everyone, as they are, are enlightened. On the other […]

Hay House World Summit

The Hay House World Summit is starting today, June 1. Louise Hay, founder and publisher of Hay House, is a mensch in the sense of what Roshi Bernie Glassman describes. Her life long goal is to make this world a better place to live for all species. This qualifies her as a bodhisattva! It turns out that […]

Another Take On The Bodhisattva

Roshi Bernie Glassman delivered another take on the bodhisattva at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat from May 6-12, 2011. He delivered a dharma talk on “Becoming a Mensch.” What is a mensch? My dad used to point out that this person was a mensch. What did he mean? It was a person with the qualities of loving kindness, […]

Not Far From Enlightenment

The words of wisdom for this week chosen by Lama Surya Das are from The Dalai Lama. He tells us that we are not far from enlightenment as humans! This is a sweet statement because other teachers have made similar statements. For example, just the other day, we learned from Roshi Bernie Glassman in Bernie Glassman […]

The Dude And The Zen Master

Jeff Bridges was featured yesterday on my Facebook page here. It was in a quote from Tricycle Daily Dharma in which he said, “You can spend a lot of energy being upset, or you can get with the program—it’s that right effort thing—get the beauty of the way it is.” He has recently written a […]