Hay House World Summit

The Hay House World Summit is starting today, June 1.

Louise Hay, founder and publisher of Hay House, is a mensch in the sense of what Roshi Bernie Glassman describes.

Her life long goal is to make this world a better place to live for all species. This qualifies her as a bodhisattva!

It turns out that she was born on my birthday in 1926 (October 8). There must be something special about that time in October in 1926. Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, another bodhisattva, was born on October 11, 1926.

It features 110 hour-long conversations with world-renowned experts from the personal-growth field. Each conversation will share with you teachings that you can incorporate in your life.

The summit includes talks with such luminaries as : Louise Hay,Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, Suze Orman, Cheryl Richardson, Nick Ortner, Jack Canfield, Mark Hyman and Doreen Virtue.

In addition, Dr. Bernie Siegel will be talking with Joan Borysenko who I met in 1981 and had several grand conversations with.

The program looks fantastic! So many wonderful teachers in one week!

I am hoping that you would sign up to listen to some of the conversations. Just click on the image below.

Hay House World Summit

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