Not Far From Enlightenment

The words of wisdom for this week chosen by Lama Surya Das are from The Dalai Lama.

He tells us that we are not far from enlightenment as humans!

This is a sweet statement because other teachers have made similar statements.

For example, just the other day, we learned from Roshi Bernie Glassman in Bernie Glassman Talked At Google that there are degrees of enlightenment. We are enlightened to the extent that we realize the our interconnectedness.

Also, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in Love Letter To The Earth teaches the importance of recognizing that we are not separate from the Earth. This realization is also enlightenment!

He also teaches us quite frequently, that we have everything we need to be happy in the present moment!

“We humans are actually not that far from enlightenment. Our five senses are like the Emanation Body of a Buddha; our dream body, which is similar to the after-death form, is like a Buddha’s Beatific Form; and the basis of both of these is the subtle mind of clear light which shares the nature of a Buddha’s Wisdom Body. All we have to do is learn to transform these ordinary elements into their pure natures. Then buddhahood naturally comes into our hands.”


The Dalai Lama of Tibet


With all this being said, it is still important for us to take the time to meditate every day and contemplate the nature of interbeing – the interconnectedness of us with the earth, the sky, and all living beings.

Would you be willing to share what you feel and think about being enlightened? Is it some “ordinary” thing? Or is it really something special? Is it a continuous feeling or is it more like moments of realization throughout the day and night?

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