The Birth of Yehoshua

Today, we celebrate the birth of Yehoshua, also know as baby Jesus.

Yehoshua is the Hebrew rendering of his name and it is rendered in Hebrew as יחשוה as explained in the video, below (which is wrong, of course).

The Hebrew letter shin (ש) is the symbol for fire (from the same video – I never learned this in Hebrew school when I was a boy).

The Hebrew letter yod (י) by itself is represents Adam or man (again – according to the video below).

The Hebrew phrase “haveh” or Eve represented by (הוה) is the symbol for woman (in the video…).

When they join together with the energy of fire, you get יחשוה Yehoshua or, as the Christians call him, Jesus.

When I first watched the video, I thought they were on to something when they titled the movie, “The Secret Gate To Eden.”

Then if found out that the correct spelling of Yehoshua is יהושע – the last Hebrew letter (from right to left is ayin).

You may be wondering just why this is so interesting to me as Jubu (Jewish Budhist).

Well, you’ve read fare enough to deserve the answer.

When I was born, I was given the Hebrew name Yehoshua Nahum (יהושע נחום) – or Jerome Norman.

When in the movie, they talked about Jesus as Yehosuhua, it peaked my interest and I decided to share this movie with you on this Christmas Day!

May you and your loved ones share Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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