Enneagram Point 9 – The Mediator

To celebrate the redesign of the Enneagram Instrument website, we are offering this excerpt of Point Nine on the enneagram.

Habits of Heart and Mind of the Mediator

Enneagram Point 6 - The TrooperPoint Nine on the Enneagram represents the point where anger went to sleep. As a result, Nines are considered passive aggressive, and can be quite stubborn until they have been made to feel important. You see, Nines have grown up as the “forgotten child”, and, as such, aren’t really in touch with their own worthiness and power. As a result, Nines chief characteristic is that they are self-forgetting.

The basic proposition for the nine is to feel comfortable and that they belong by “forgetting the self.” They, instead, wait on and merge with other people, and, when alone, disperse their energy to substitute objects and activities like food and TV.

The Nine’s attention spreads out and diffuses into inessential objects or tasks to avoid discomfort and to please others. When on the job, they are great contributors because of their attention to details and structure. They have a tremendous ability to sense what is going on in others and to merge with them. The focus of their attention is external to them, because of their passive-aggressive nature, but they are concerned with what presents itself in the actual world. [Read More…]

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